Our Story

ZEVAR by Sethis is a New Age Jewellery Boutique that actually leaves an enthralling impression in the mind of its spectators . Its magnetic ambience attracts them to visit it for the one of its kind jewellery  . It is simply classy, elegant and convey the message what it stands for very clearly.

The legacy of Sethi family has been furthered by Sudeep Sethi, the third generation jewelsmith, with designs that voice the brand even more for its exclusivity.

Sudeep along with his wife, Neha Sethi travelled across the world with the idea of giving a unique experience to the people in their hometown,Indore. Neha Sethi delves deeper into the design philosophy of this exceptional jewellery boutique by conceiving the notion of beautiful artistic jewellery created by Mr. Yogendra Sethi.

Let yourself flow into this new-age speaciality boutique that speak to the senses of sight, touch & mind !!


” I bring life to the rocks ! “

–  Yogendra Sethi

                                                                                                                     Designer & Inspiration of the boutique



Understanding Client Need is our USP

In-house designers sit with client and understand their needs; each piece is conceptualised and then drawn on paper as per customers’ desire; later it is hand-crafted exactly as they dreamt.   

Sudeep says that each of the designer pieces is so passionately produced that the customer senses life in them; the colours are alive and they speak a language of their own.

The jewels are so breathtaking that even words fail to describe their beauty and impact !!


Jewels by Sethis has bagged many National & International Awards for their designs and workmanship.

Designer Jewellery has been adorned by many Celebrities in India and has been cherished by high-fashion savvy.